24th & 25th April 2017

Wellness Program for All Women Safai Kamgar of MCGM - April 2017

On account of the resounding appreciation and success of Divyaj Foundation’s previous two Wellness Programs for the employees of the Solid Waste Management Department of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, a need was felt by the MCGM to host another Wellness Program but only for their women employees so as to cater to the specific queries and concerns of their female employees especially during the Yoga and medical sessions.

This resulted in Divyaj Foundation organising a 2-day Wellness Program for the women employees with sessions conducted mostly by female guests. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai organized buses to facilitate the employees’ transportation to the venue which was Nehru Science Centre, Worli on 24th & 25th April 2017.

Day 1 of the event kicked off with an energizing Yoga session with Dr. Mickey Mehta and his team. This was followed by a session on Childcare and Motherhood conducted by Dr. Hemant Joshi, a prominent paediatrician who has also been associated with various charitable causes throughout his illustrious career. He guided the participants through many prevalent childcare and paediatric issues and also spoke on various smaller things that can be incorporated in an Indian middle-class household that can add value to life. A session on preventing and managing life with Diabetes was followed which was conducted by Nivedita Goshal.

The action-packed Day 1 continued post-lunch with prominent dermatologist Dr. Belinda Vaz tackling a session on Skin diseases, their causes and practical solutions in a well-received and extremely useful session. This was followed by a session on Family Planning, Gynaecology & Menopause conducted by Dr. Anjali Bapat. Judging by the sheer response received from the attending audience, this was the highlight of Day 1! The extremely detailed session lasted for more than 2 hours instead of the regular scheduled 1 hour where various queries and issues were addressed by Dr. Bapat as many of the attending employees were unaware about basic gynaecological conditions and many misconceptions were found to be prevalent. Day 1 concluded with a soothing meditation session conducted by Mrs. Rajalakshmi Iyer – Core member of Divyaj Foundation.

Day 2 was another event-filled day for the attending participants which began again with an entrancing meditation session conducted by Mrs. Rajalakshmi Iyer. This was followed by an Ayurvedic Cooking Session with Mrs. Geeta Palan & Vaishali Gaonkar. The epitome of extreme energy, Mrs. Geeta Palan managed to strike a chord with all the attendees (young or experienced) with her diverse tips on cooking, healthy diet plans and general tips on a healthy lifestyle. Her fulfilling session was followed by a session on Consumer Protection & Food Adulteration conducted by Mr. Gajanan Patil.

Day 2 showed no signs of lacking diversely rich content with Adv. Pratima Shelar hosting a session on Women’s Rights and Protection – a very topical and important session that carried the women empowerment theme. Mrs. Shelar explained to the attending participants the importance of knowing all the various rights for women accorded by the Indian Constitution. Her message to empower any woman suffering from physical or mental abuse of any kind was heart-warming. She went beyond just the host’s role by sharing her own personal contact details with all the 500 attendees for any legal guidance they may need in the future. Her beautiful point to close her session – “In spite of unprecedented odds, Women can make the house or break the house!” – was truly the highlight of Day 2!

Another thumping session on Day 2 was hosted by Senior IPS officer Mrs. Borji who spoke about her experience in life as a woman in her field. She strongly brought home her point that each and every woman can explore her potential to the fullest and find her personal strengths through self-discipline or by disciplining society. She explained to her enthralled audience how the police department functions and what are the procedures involved in the law enforcement machinery which enlightened one and all.

The highly eventful Day 2 closed with sessions on de-addiction hosted by Dr. Gandhi, a session on Grooming & Makeup hosted by a team from VLCC and a contemporary session on Financial Discipline & Financial Literacy hosted by Mr. Sampath Iyer, Managing trustee of Divyaj Foundation. Along with the attending participants, the invited dignitaries too had an amazing time.

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The dignitaries in attendance were Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis – Advisor of the Divyaj Foundation, Mrs. Gayatri Oberoi (née Joshi) – popular film actress notable from the movie ‘Swades’, and SuperChef Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor, who’s presence was peppered by wild applause and adulation from the attending employees! Members of the Divyaj Foundation present for the Wellness Program included Mr. Sampath Iyer – Managing trustee, Mrs. Pallavi Shrivastava – Trustee, Dr. Mickey Mehta – Holistic Health Guru, Mr. Kavin Shah – State Secretary, BJP and Mrs. Rajalakshmi Iyer – Core member.