9th & 10th February 2017

Wellness Program for Filmcity Employees - Feb 2017

As filmgoers and movie lovers, we – the audience – always see the awe and beauty on the screen. We do not see the incredible amount of hard work and commitment that the men and women behind and around the camera put in. Divyaj Foundation’s 2-day Wellness Program that was held on the 9th and 10th of February 2017 shed a new light on the ultra-hectic schedules of the entertainment fraternity. Held on location in Film City (a.k.a. Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagri), one of the largest shooting complexes in India, this 2-day workshop provided all the attendees with a new insight and appreciation at the work-ethic that Film City employees like technicians and camera persons possess.

This world, the one that most cameras never capture, is a completely different world altogether. The work pressure is very high since shoots happen 24/7 within the premises, with as many as 1000 sets erected in Film City every year for both Hindi and regional language films, short films, television serials, advertisements, etc. The sheer scope of the work and the manpower needed to oil this vast machinery is immense. The Film City employees are known to undertake long work shifts that sometimes continue up to 18 to 24 hours back-to-back depending on the requirements – which, looking at India’s vast entertainment business, is always present.

Add to the fact that Film City as a location is itself a very vast, cocooned space in Mumbai set far away from proper, accessible public transport – there are options but they are limited. This adds to the transportation woes for these employees along with their long shifts. With the goal of understanding and appreciating this predicament, Divyaj Foundation held a 2-day Wellness Workshop which included Yoga sessions, Health programmes, Nutrition workshops, Meditation classes, Skin care & Diabetes events along with sessions on Financial Discipline among others. Yoga sessions were held for 3-4 hours each day which were managed by Dr. Mickey Mehta and his team. A detailed meditation session was also conducted by Divyaj Foundation’s Core member Mrs. Rajalakshmi Iyer since the stress level of the employees was found to be very high. During the meditation sessions, Yoga-Nidra was taught, which helps the body relax by providing a short 15-min power nap of sorts, was taught to them to help ease their hectic schedules. This was very vital for the employees and was very well-received.

The dignitaries present for the workshop included Mr. Shekar Channe, then director of Film City and Mrs. Leena Sankhe. Medical personnel in attendance included skin specialists and addiction medicine specialists and they focused on the importance of good health and taught techniques to maintain healthy lifestyles. This medical workshop was hosted on both days.

Also invited were a few people from the film and TV entertainment industry. This included element of entertainment was very well-received. These employees keep working tirelessly to entertain the masses but their own entertainment usually gets ignored and this component of the event was truly a joy to behold.

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The employees were encouraged to have close interactions and they engaged with the dignitaries and guests really well and actually came forward with suggestions and recommendations to better their working conditions. This workshop was so well-received that it actually went beyond the studio’s closing time of 6PM and well beyond 8PM! It was indeed a very pleasant association with them.